Are the Passport Photos from Walgreens are High Quality?
06-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

Walmart, Walgreens, Costco & CVS pharmacy. These four do not require any additional introductions. They're some of the most popular chain stores and drug stores that offer passport photo services throughout the U.S.

A lot of us have had the pleasure of using the photograph services for our passports at least once during our lives. Since we have been using similar services over the last 11 years, and have recently launched our service for printing passports worldwide we began to think about;

"Why not compare our services to other services, discuss its pros and cons, and offer suggestions on which one is the most suitable place to obtain passport pictures?".

The article we're going to discuss each passport photo service in terms of how precise are the services? How easy it is to obtain these services and pricing for those services.

We're confident this post will aid you in making the right decisions when it comes to printing passport images. So, let's jump into.

Passport photo services within the U.S

When you apply to renew or apply for a passport you'll require a passport photograph to include in your applications in order to be granted them. The issue is not in the process of applying but in the guidelines for passport photographs you submit them your passport photos in the application. It’s not enough to add random photos onto your apps.

The major countries, like that of the U.S include strict guidelines for their passport photographs to ensure security and safety motives. This is the reason why many need passport photo services in order to obtain the best-sized passport photographs. For the traveler or businessperson who requires passport photographs, it can be difficult to find the most suitable places to print and take passport pictures throughout the U.S.But it's 2020 we have a lot of options.

Walmart Passport photo service

Walmart is among the biggest retail chains across the U.S currently operating in 4756 stores across the nation. They have been offering passport photos service for a few months. However, unlike other sites, they allow you to upload your image in line with USA regulations on the federal level on their site.

Walgreens ' Passport Photo Services

Walgreens is the second largest pharmacy shop in the U.S just behind CVS Health with over 9000plus stores that operate in more than 50 states. The pharmacies also offer passport photo services across the country. But, they don't have any online service like Walmart. Instead, you'll have visit a local store for printing and taking passport pictures..