Can I Take Passport Photos at Home?
10-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool


For a long period, digital photo formats were not widely accepted, which meant that there was no option for professional photography services or passport photo booths. However, the times have changed and we are now able to submit passport applications online and without leaving our cozy homes.

In this post, we'll walk you through the steps of taking passport photographs that will be approved by appropriate authorities. All you require is a smartphone and you'll be given instructions on how to do the remaining steps. What else can you discuss? Let's get deep!

Passport photo at home you can make it by yourself

The general idea is that when it comes to issues like photos of official papers, as well as passports, the observant and sharp eyes of professional photographers are necessary. In addition to that, taking these photos yourself could be a disaster and cost you time. No more. It is now possible to take the photo yourself and make use of the appropriate software available online to design a flawless passport picture.

Check out the five steps for taking the passport photo at home

When you've had the official guidelines passed, you can take passport pictures. The best method for taking the photo is to use an electronic camera, however, it's not essential or even necessary. You can make use of your smartphone. But, you're not permitted to take selfies and therefore, it's better to make use of a tripod or have someone else snap a picture of you.

1. Set up proper lighting conditions

If you're a professional photographer, the job is simple and all you need to do is to set up the lights in a way that gently reflects light on your face. Set the lamps directly in front of your face, to ensure that there aren't shadows that cross your face. If you don't have any studio lamps at home. Find a bright room where the light spreads evenly. Well-lit windows can easily work.

2. Look for a wall with tones of hues

The next step to do is to find an area in your home that is well toned and that doesn't have sharp edges in it. It will serve as the background to your photograph. To get the best results, look for a white background. The lighter it is the better. If you don't have a background that is white then search for another light wall and be sure there aren't any other objects that could be a distraction. The best place to put background is to be on the side of the windows.

3. Get your camera ready

After you've secured the lighting and have found your background, it is time to set up the camera. You don't need an expensive digital camera nor do you need DSLR equipment. The smartphone is sufficient. However, if you're making use of the latest options, you are able to keep the auto mode. Make sure that your frame is properly exposed.

The key thing to note is that you are not able to snap a selfie. The options are to make use of a tripod for your camera or have someone assist you.

4. Stop and watch

Now all you have to do is sit in front of your camera and look at the camera with a straight face and then wait until the photo is taken. Make sure you follow the passport requirements as mentioned earlier:

  • don't laugh,
  • Keep your eyes peeled,
  • Stand straight,
  • Don't turn your head to one side.

For passport photos, it is best to dress in casual and in regular clothing.

5. Change the image to meet the passport specifications

After you've taken the passport photo it is essential to properly adjust it, so that it meets the strict standards of the Department of State, which you will see in the preceding paragraph. The good news to those of you who are unable to do this is there are simple-to-use online tools that can complete this job for you within a matter of minutes. Learn more about these in the next section.