Can you convert mobile photos into passport size?
13-Apr-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

As smartphone features have made the life of an average human being a lot more convenient, people want more of it. This requirement has taken a convincing ground in the industry of digitalization, especially photographs.  Generic photos can be given a leverage but when you need a picture for a professional use, you need to look out for a few specifications. The usual practice for getting a passport size photo is to book a photographer, see them at their photobooth and get 3-4 pictures paying a good deal and after investing ample time. The advancement has upgraded this practice as well as we can see numerous applications and softwares available to create passport size photos online.  You must be thinking that these softwares may require a complicated setup on a pc but surprisingly that is not the case as you can use any online passport photo tool on your mobile as well.  Read ahead to know a few basic steps to convert mobile photos into passport size.

Download a steady application

Since there are numerous online passport photo tools available, you will require to be a bit wise while choosing the app. Look out for your mostly occurring needs and install the application accordingly. Make sure it does not occupy a lot of memory.

Allow Camera Settings

After downloading the online passport photo editor, allow it to use your camera. Take the photo in an appropriate professional pose.

Change the Background

Most of the editing apps are aware of the requirements of visa photo online. Your online visa photo maker must be having a few premium features one of which would be background adjustment to either blue or white as required for most passport size photos.


Next, optimize the resolution of the photo. A usual online passport photo editor provides a high quality photo with 600 dpi suitable enough for printing a decent copy.


Check if your picture requires any additional adjustments or cropping. The application is usually capable of providing suggestions of cropping and rotation wherever needed. Follow the suggestions to get an accurate picture.

Download the picture

Download the picture after setting it in the pdf format to get it printed. 

Converting an already taken photo

If you want to convert a previously taken photograph into a passport size photo, you can do so by using an online passport photo editor. Upload the photo, smaller than 100 MB, mostly set to convert the picture into passport size. Set the dimensions of the picture smaller than 4000 x 3000 pixels. Look for the format your online passport photo tool is accepting, it will either be JPEG or JPG. Select the background enhancement of your choice. Save the picture and download it.

Advantages of Mobile Conversion

The mobile conversion of a basic picture into a visa photo online can help you save a lot of time. No energy will be taken in setting up an appointment and standing outside the photo booth. The best part is the free of cost nature of the application since most of them are available to download and use for free. An online passport photo maker will help you in converting a similar picture multiple times with various backgrounds according to the need. Download the best passport online photo maker free and fulfill your professional purposes with maximum ease and convenience.