Can You Get a British Passport Photo in the U.S.?
23-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool



If you're in the stage of obtaining a British passport picture it is likely that you have been to the various places to take a passport photograph within the U.S., from pharmacies, and to the U.S. post office, all the way to professional studios for photography. But, which of them can actually use passport photos according to British regulations? We decided to conduct research and present to you our conclusions.

Take a UK passport photograph: locations

While places like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and the countless photo booths that are located in shopping centers do indeed have teams of experts in passport photo sessions and focus specifically on U.S. passport photos.

UK passport photographs are subject to a set of standards, ranging from dimensions and proportions.  So, photo centers may be lacking the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise required to obtain an official British passport photograph that is acceptable for entry. There is virtually any room for mistakes in passport photographs. These photos should be the right proportions and size and there should be the least amount of errors.

Do the well-known U.S. photo centers take British passport pictures?

Officially the most well-known pharmacy and retail store photo centers are specialized in printing and taking 2 x 2 inches U.S. passport photographs - which aren't appropriate for British passports. Some locations may actually print a British passport picture for you They just cut it from an alternative printing template. If the store you are visiting has photo booths that allow you to snap photos quickly, you might be able to alter the size of your passport picture by yourself. Some machines permit you to choose the "European" or "British" passport photo that is 45 35mm x 45 mm.

To ensure that the nearest photo center can capture the British passport photo, we suggest calling them directly. You can inquire about the particular British passport size (45 35mm x 45mm) and whether the center can be able to take these photos.

Photo booths that are located within the U.S. take British passport photographs?

Yes and no because photo booths are available in many shapes and sizes and are produced by numerous companies. A majority of passport holders only use photographs of 2x2 inches to use for US passports. Some passports have the option to alter the size of passport photographs and alter the size of the photo to meet the British passport requirements for photos by setting the size of the image to 45 x 35 millimeters.

If you recognize the name that operates the booth located in your region, then you'll be able to confirm the quality of its services by checking the website of the company. You can also check that it's possible to use British passport photographs by checking the booth's website yourself.

Do you have the ability to take a British passport photograph at the U.S. Post Office?

A lot of U.S. Post Office locations have passport acceptance centers where you can complete your passport application and also take the passport photograph. But it is true that the U.S. Post Office is exclusively dedicated exclusively to U.S. passports: both with regards to managing the application process and also taking photos. Therefore, you're most likely to walk away empty-handed if you choose to go to the post office to take a British passport photograph taken.

Photography studios may be able to snap a British passport photo

Professional passport photo studios throughout the big cities, and in smaller towns too. They are usually owned by professionals who are skilled in taking all kinds of photographs, including passport images. This is the greatest chance of finding an experienced photographer who has the equipment, skills, and experience to capture the perfect British passport photograph when you're here in the U.S.The drawback is that you'll have to locate a dentist that is accessible in areas that aren't as populated. You'll likely have to reserve an appointment prior to the time.

You can also take an online British passport photograph on the internet

Software that can transform ordinary images into passport photos has been in use for a long time and provides a variety of options and advancements. The majority of online passport photo software includes a cropping tool that can easily crop your image to the appropriate size. With just one click, you can alter the size of your photo to meet British standards.

The more sophisticated tools can remove backgrounds from your pictures to replace them with a regular background. They also can verify if your picture is in compliance with all required passport photos of Great Britain.

If you choose a reputable passport photo application it increases the likelihood of your passport application getting approved since passport photos are guaranteed to be in line with the standards of the government. Also, you can reduce the time it takes to get the passport photo taken since some applications can give you a photograph in just two or three minutes.