Can you print passport photos at home?
13-Apr-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

Capturing photos while staying at home usually costs you nothing but what to do when you need to print them for an official submission in hard copies? You must be wondering the same but guess what, the online passport photo editor has got you covered again. If you want to capture a visa photo online for your passport requirement, install the most appropriate and relevant editing tool online, follow the directions and get the picture taken. Moreover, you can also get it shipped at your home or a downloadable copy can be created for you to download and print. 

This read will provide you with a comprehensive guide to print passport photos at home. Follow the tips below. 

Select the appropriate size of paper

As soon as you begin the process of printing your digital photos, the most important part is to decide the size and type of paper to be used.

6x4 inch photo paper

15.24×10.16 cm in both height and width is the size of paper. If you go visit a studio, you will find this paper in use. You can get either 6 or 8 pictures on this paper in printed form. For printing a visa photo online, this can be a great option.

7x5 inch photo paper

An online passport photo editor will suggest you a 7x5 inch photo paper to get your photos printed on. It provides good quality 6 or 10 pictures.

A4 size photo paper

A4 size photo paper is the most commonly used by an online passport photo tool for printing purposes. You can either get 35x45 mm or 2x2 inch photos on this paper.

A5 size photo paper

This paper provides you 21x14.85 cm of both height and width and provides numerous pictures on a single sheet with average quality.

3.5x5 inch photo paper

This one is the tiniest printable photo paper you can find in the market for getting your digital photos printed. 8.89×12.7 cm in terms of both height and width is the size of the paper. 

Legal-size photo paper and letter size photo paper are two other commonly used types of papers available for printing of digital photographs using an online passport photo editor. By using these papers, you can get pictures acceptable for official documentation.

Quality of the Paper

Another aspect that matters the most while creating printable copies of pictures from an online passport photo tool is the quality of the paper that is being used. Usually, 180 GSM is the suggested minimum weight if you use branded paper. The accuracy and finish depend upon the country type selected but glossy type paper or matte finish paper can help you get a good quality picture. Non-photographic papers or even plain paper won't be accepted for official purposes.

Printing of the Photos

The last step to print your required photograph at home is to select the relevant photo. Find the options/features available in your online passport photo editor and check for the paper orientation, scaling and size of photographs required. After making all the right choices, click on the print button and get the photos printed. You can use either a mobile or a laptop/PC for getting your pictures printed. 
Getting the printing procedure done at home will not only save your money but will also save you ample time and resources and you will be able to invest your energy for a better purpose. Take the deal and try your online passport photo editor for printing the pictures right away.