Do I Make My Passport Print at Walgreens?
02-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

Walgreens photo centers are an excellent option if you require a U.S. passport photo. There are over 7,750 Walgreens locations in the U.S. located all over the country, and they offer "one hour or less" photos for passports.

The price of Walgreens' passport photo

The price of passport-sized photographs at Walgreens costs $14.99 (as of 2021). Two 2x2" passport photographs were printed without the digital versions for $14.99.

The cost is cheaper than the prices in studios for photography (where similar services cost approximately $20-25). Walgreens is the most popular competitor and have similar prices:

  • CVS Pharmacy passport photo cost: $14.99;
  • FedEx Passport photo cost: $14.95;
  • USPS passport price for a photo $15.

The most affordable alternative to offline Walgreens photo services was Costco offering a printed passport photograph at $4.99 (that is $9.98 for a set). This price was offered to all members of Costco membership. In February of 2021, Costco shut down all of its photo centers offline.

Nevertheless, it is possible to save up to 50% off the cost of passport photographs at Walgreens and obtain an electronic version faster. Online services can assist in this.

How to get cheap passport photos quickly?

With the introduction of new cameras, the need for professional photo services has dramatically diminished. It is now possible to take a top-quality image from your own home, then print it using Walgreens printing services, or opt for a digital image if you submit your application online. This can save you time and cash.

The advantage of this approach is the price and the high quality of the product. Walgreens and other similar stores provide rapid service. There is no need to be photographed several times if you aren't happy with your appearance in the photos. However, you must be careful about this since your photo will remain with you throughout the validity of your passport.

To obtain a passport photograph by yourself, all you need to do is take a photograph at your home . The service will analyze the image to ensure that it meets U.S. passport photo requirements. It will alter such crucial parameters as:

  • Format and size of the image;
  • Background;
  • The size of the head and the eyes;
  • Quality.

How do I print a digital passport picture at Walgreens at $0.35 only?

Walgreens provides a variety of printing options across the U.S. Here's how to print a passport photo digitally with no additional cost:

  • Visit the Walgreens Photo services website first.
  • Pick a 4x6-sized print;
  • Upload the passport photo image you got from (with four individual photos that are on the page);
  • Pay $0.35 for the order, and select the closest Walgreens store to take the photo. Photos prints will be made on premium glossy paper that meets the agency's specifications.

The printing order is for 4x6 prints at Walgreens.

To fill out an application for a U.S. passport application two photographs are required. The other photos could be used in any other kind of document or application.

In this way, you can purchase a U.S. passport photo for $790 plus $0.35 just. The digital image will be useful to you for years to come because the photo can be printed out again in the event of need.