Photo for China Visa for US Citizen
24-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

Chinese visa photo requirements


The Chinese visa is an official document issued by government officials in China. The people's Republic of China allows foreigners to enter the Chinese border via land, sea, or air. It is necessary to have an approved visa to travel to China and leave China before the expiration date of the duration of your stay.

In order to apply for a Chinese visa, one needs to possess a passport valid for a minimum of six months. Additionally, you must fill out an application for a visa and provide two similar photographs of your passport in color taken in the last six months. The Chinese visa application photos must meet certain criteria as we'll discuss in the following section.

Chinese visa photograph - general requirements

In general the majority of cases, your Chinese visa photographs should be correctly focused and exposed. Poorly exposed, overexposed, or blurry photos are not acceptable. Similar rules apply with regard to contrast (black levels and white). Too high or low can cause your image to be disqualified. This applies to the saturation of color. Too much or not enough color won't look natural.

The photo should be printed in color on high-gloss photographic paper. Photos for Chinese visas should be free of printing mistakes, such as blurs, streaks, and blobs. The photo cannot be folded, bent, or affected in any manner. If the image has marks, stamps, or patterns, the image cannot be accepted.

Furthermore, selfies, as well as photos with elaborate filters and effects, aren't allowed. Frames and special corners aren't permitted either.

Chinese visa photo size

The size that is required for the Chinese visa application photograph is 33mm wide and 48mm high for printed images. (In America, that's about 1.3 to 1.9 inches)

Between the head's edge and the top edge of the image needs to be 3 and 5 millimeters. The dimensions required for the head range from 15 to 22mm wide and 28 to 33mm in height (from the edge of the chin towards the crown of the head). In the event that the head appears too large or small or is positioned incorrectly, the image can be rejected.

Electronic images should be between 354 and 420 pixels wide and 472-560 pixels high.

It's important to remember this: in the United States, most photoshops and booths offer two" x 2" size of passport photos, which is not acceptable to get a visa for China. The best solution is to have the photo you want in color on the internet using an application that automatically crops and resizes the image for you and even alters the background as needed.

Where can I get my Chinese visa photograph taken?

Remember that the Chinese Embassy and Chinese consulates don't offer photo services. Your responsibility is to provide photos in color that meet the minimum requirements. Photo booths aren't recommended as they typically don't provide the necessary size of the photo required for the Chinese Visa application. You can hire professional photographers.

Another option is to capture the photo yourself. Utilize the Passport Photo Online application, and complete your photo within less than a minute. You can be assured that your photo will be accepted by the Chinese government. Chinese can be approved. We guarantee that the photo you upload through us will be recognized by the Chinese People's Republic's visa office.

Paper or digital photo to get a Chinese visa?

Both paper and digital photographs are recognized as acceptable by Chinese authorities. With our online photo services, you can request the digital version directly to an email address. Download it, and have it printed at your local FedEx Office or CVS Pharmacy. You can also have us print it for you, and we'll send it to your address. Whatever you choose, we'll ensure that your photo is in compliance with the requirements for photos required by the Chinese visa application.