U.S. vs Japanese Passport Photo How Do They Compare?
19-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

If you're trying to apply for a brand new or renewed, passport and you're on the journey to obtain a brand new passport photo to be used on this document, it must consider a broad variety of criteria. Photos must be valid, but regulations can vary based on the country from which you're looking to renew.

Let's examine the ways these rules, like dimensions of passport photos, for example, differ. It's U.S. vs Japan passport photo day and we're all set to explore.

U.S. and Japan passport images: required

Then, let's look at the requirements that are official by listing them in order to discover the elements that are compatible, and which might not.

A variety of elements could result in different features, such as background colors, preferred resolution, or even size an example.

The differences in these three areas show that the comparison between U.S. and Japanese passport photo, which we're trying it's a worthwhile venture and may prove helpful in the future.

U.S. passport photo requirements

If you're a U.S. citizen, looking to resolve all the details of your passport You must adhere to a stringent set of regulations pertaining to your passport photograph. Once the picture is in line with these rules is it deemed to be acceptable, and legal, at the passport acceptance center.

  • The correct size is 2 2.25 inches (51 x 51 millimeters)
  • the head of the person in the photograph should be in the range of 1 to 1 3/4 inches (25 35 mm)
  • the resolution is between 600 x 600 pixels and 1200 by 1200 pixels
  • A clear and undamaged passport photograph that is unblemished and clear
  • an image on matte or glossy paper
  • The photo should not be more by more than six (six) months.
  • white or off-white backgrounds
  • The person must be looking straight at the camera or at the phone
  • No other shadows or objects are visible.
  • A neutral expression (a natural, mild smile is fine)
  • no attire resembling uniforms
  • No glasses, tinted lenses or glasses, tinted lenses, or headwear (unless there are religious or medical reasons to wear the head cover or a set of sunglasses)
  • You can put your hair down so that it does not cover your eyes or eyebrows.
  • The passport photo is able to be taken on your own as long as it's not a selfie, and it's in compliance with other regulations.
  • Two (two) similar passport photos are required.

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Japanese passport photo requirements for passports

Japan also requires its citizens to comply with the requirements of a passport photo to get what's considered an official passport photo.

In accordance with the Government of Japan according to the Japanese government, all of the following requirements are mandatory.

  • The correct size is 1.38 inches x 1.77 inches (45 35 millimeters)
  • The distance between the applicant's forehead and chin must be within 32-36 millimeters.
  • The resolution ranges from 600 x 600 pixels and 1200 by 1200 pixels
  • A clear and undamaged passport photo that is clear and unaltered
  • printed on glossy, photo-quality paper
  • The photo should not be more by more than six (six) months.
  • white or off-white backgrounds
  • The person must be directly in front of the phone or camera.
  • none of the other objects or shadows are visible.
  • A neutral expression (no smiling permitted this time)
  • no attire resembling uniforms
  • No tinted sunglasses (prescription glasses with thin frames are a fair game)
  • No headwear is allowed unless for religious or medical reasons
  • The entire face should be clearly visible, including the forehead
  • you are able to take the photo at your own pace, so long as you stick to the remaining conditions and the image isn't just a selfie
  • Two (two) exact passport photos are required.

U.S. vs Japan passport photo - similarities and distinctions

As you will observe, more than 60 percent of the requirements concerning passport photographs for these two countries are similar.

The rules regarding the time frame for passport photos as well as the requirement for a neutral face to be required, or the requirement to upload an image in color for example are all a part of passport photo guidelines around the globe.

In both cases you can taking photos on your own is acceptable, as long as you're in compliance with the no-selfie policy. It's identical to the rules regarding head coverings and head coverings, which are basically the same. This is also true of how high resolution of the photo that you upload, or for the background and this is also the same.

The size differences between U.S. and Japanese passport photographs

The American image must conform to 2 inches x 2 inches dimensions, while the Japanese passport photo is defined in terms of a 45x35 millimeter measure, which translate to 1.38 1 x 1.77 inch.

When considering the differences, you must keep in mind it is the photo of the applicant must adhere to similar dimensions and be within the acceptable limits. The American passport photograph demands that your head is between 25-35 millimeters, whereas the Japanese one specifies a distance between 32-36 millimeters between the forehead and the chin.

Different passport photo papers for passports in Japan and the U.S.

The type of paper for printing your passport picture is an important decision, as you are legally required to print on something other than the standard paper for printing.

Although most countries permit the option of choosing including the American government, which permits passport applicants to select glossy or matte paper, the Japanese passport photos must print on glossy papers. This is certainly one of the aspects that you need to concentrate on to ensure that your photos are in good condition.