UK Passport Photo Size vs Canadian Visa Size Photo – Are They Si
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Passports and visa photos of the same country typically have similar, or even identical, requirements. However, the requirements for official documents can differ greatly from one nation to the next, which makes it difficult to utilize the exact photo for two official documents.

What is the difference between Canadian visa photos as well as UK passport photographs? Can they be used to create both documents or are they just too different?In this article we'll examine the differences between UK passport photo size and Canadian visa photo size in terms of size ratio and appearance to see whether they're similar enough.

Canadian visa photo requirements:

The application for a Canadian visa is required to submit two (two) color photos that are taken in line to these guidelines:

  • picture size : 45 mm x 35 mm (height x width)
  • your head should comprise approximately 80% of your frame.
  • High resolution
  • made on photographic paper that has a matte finishing
  • Not more than three (three) months prior to the filing of the application
  • simple white or light color background
  • The frontal perspective of the head with both eyes wide
  • you should have an unambiguous expression
  • glasses must be removed as soon as it is
  • The only head covering that is religious is permitted.
  • simple clothing (uniforms or extravagant clothing is not acceptable).

UK passport photo requirements for passports

To apply for a UK passport, you'll need two (two) passport photographs in color, in line with these guidelines:

  • The size is 35 millimeters wide and 45 millimeters in height.
  • your head should be between 2.9 cm to 3.4 cm, which is 70 to 80 percent of your headspace
  • with sharp focus
  • Printing on high-quality photo paper
  • that was less than a month prior to the submission
  • Light grey or cream background
  • You must be straight in front of the camera while keeping your eyes open
  • Maintain a neutral face and keep a neutral expression, with no frowns or smiles
  • you can keep your prescription glasses
  • Only religious or medically approved headgear
  • no uniforms

UK passport size photo compares to Canadian Visa size photos Similarities

UK passport photos, as well as Canadian visa photos, share many features in common: the dimensions, the quality, and the general appearance of the person applying. However, they have certain distinctions.

The first thing to note is that Canadian visa photos may be as old as three (three) months old, whereas UK passport photos have to not be older than at least 30 (thirty) days older or less. Background colors allowed even though they share a similarity, are not the same. Finally, even though you can wear glasses with a prescription on the UK passport picture, Canadian authorities only allow prescription glasses only if you can't remove them for medical reasons.

Does this mean that these two images cannot be interchanged?

Not necessarily. If you want the Canadian visa photograph to be considered to be used for a UK passport, you have to ensure that it's less than one month old, and doesn't have a white background.

To get the UK passport photograph to be accepted for the Canadian visa, simply need to take off your glasses. All other conditions are the same.

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UK passport photo size vs Canadian visa size photo - conclusion

In terms of specifications, the pictures required to be submitted for the UK passport as well as for the Canadian visa may have minor differences, like the background colors, as well as the recurrence of the photo.

But, they're identical enough that, in certain situations, they can work in the two documents without issue.

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UK passport photo size vs Canadian visa size photo: FAQ

In this final piece, we'll answer a few of the most frequently asked concerns of people who are wondering about what is the difference and similarities between UK passport images and Canadian visa images.

Are UK passport sizes and Canadian visa photo sizes identical?

Yes, both documents require two passport photos sized 35 mm x 45mm.

Can I make use of my UK passport photo to apply for a Canadian visa?

Sure, but make sure you don't put on glasses, regardless of whether you wear them regularly