What's the easiest way to get a passport size photo to apply for
13-Apr-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool

Applying for a job is by far the most complicated and hectic process to deal with and when you are doing it online, it may require a bit more of hardwork and complexity. As soon as you open an application for an online job, the foremost mandatory requirement must be the uploading of a passport size photograph. This might require you dressing up and going out to get a few scannable passport size photographs to upload and it may result in delayed application. In such a scenario, you must be wondering about the easiest alternative to an onsite photography booth and guess what, there are multiple options available to access, just with a click.

 Search passport size photos online and you will find multiple tools and editors to create a decent picture from. From the search results, there will be passport size photo editors that will be available free of cost while few of them will require a subscription. 

Cost-Free Online Photo Editors

If you want a service, basic and accurate with no extra features, you should find a free online passport photo tool. The free of cost tool for a visa photo online will provide you with an option to click a photograph, adjust the background, save and download it to upload on the job profile. What they won't be having is the feature to enhance background to your specific requirement of color, can be a little low on quality but can be an effective one if the usage is for moderate professional application.

Paid Online Photo Editors

An online passport photo tool with a paid subscription would be composed of all the features you may require to build a strong professional application. Below mentioned are a few services that you can avail with a paid subscription of an online passport photo tool. 


The application will only allow pictures that are aligned with the requirements of a usual passport size photograph. It will accept pictures that are not more than 6 months old and must show a close up of your full head and shoulders. By following its dos and don'ts, you will be able to click an accurate passport size photo online.

Professional Checklist

An online passport photo editor will provide you the instructions to get a decent and professionally acceptable picture for your job profile. It will reject any picture taken with mouth wide open or closed eyes. Similarly, it would objectify any distractions or unwanted elements in the picture as well.

Clarity and Focus

The best online passport photo tool will provide you with a picture, clear and focused with maximum resolution. You can adjust the pixels and brightness as per your requirement.

Why are online tools the easiest way to capture a passport size photo?

There are numerous advantages that an online passport photo editor brings you.

Time Saver

There is no need to book an appointment with a photographer or wait in long queues outside the photo booths to get your pictures taken. Ample time and energy are saved by the online applications.


The online tools provide you a diverse range of colors and backgrounds for your pictures that you can enhance according to the requirement of your job profile.


An online passport photo editor can edit a previously taken picture as well taken anywhere and at any background. You will be required to upload the photo you are willing to edit, fix the settings, save it and download it.


You can even print the downloaded pictures by attaching a color printer to your device or with the help of a printing booth.