What should you wear to your passport photos?
07-May-2022 Passport Photo Online Tool


You'll be getting a new passport in the next 10 years, and we're sure you'd like your passport picture to appear as great as it can! Everyone doesn't want to have photos that make you look older than you are, or sick or unsatisfied. Did you know that you are able to use your own passport picture right now?

Passportinfo.com recently had a chat with a close friend who works in the visa and passport expediting business. She was a model in the past and has all sorts of tricks to appear stunning when in front of the cameras... as well as having had the pleasure of seeing thousands of passport pictures that are both good and bad! We got to know her how to take an amazing passport photograph.

What to Wear... and What Not to Wear!

The first thing you should think about is your outfit. Remember that your passport photo will only display your shoulders and head. It isn't important what you wear beneath your waistline, but the region that surrounds your neck is shown in the photograph.

In case you're planning to renew your passport, make sure you don't wear the same clothing that you used to wear in your previous passport photograph. If your photo appears too similar to the old one, it might be rejected as you'r the Passport Agency won't be able to confirm the date of the photo. period of six months prior to the date you're applying for.

Clothing DOs and DON'Ts

  • DO not wear glasses! Your photo may be disqualified and your application placed on hold when you upload a picture wearing glasses. Particularly if your glasses show an oblique reflection on your lenses.
  • Don'twear any item on your head such as caps, headbands, or scarfs. When you are wearing religious headwear on a regular basis, you're allowed to put it on your passport photograph so long that your face is visible. It is also required to send a note explaining the reason for your religious headgear.
  • DO NOT wear any uniform. It is a violation of the Passport Agency will reject photos of you wearing uniforms.
  • Do dress in a formal dress and a shirt with a collar when taking your passport pictures. It's not an actual State Department rule - they don't care if you're wearing the midst of a messy sweatshirt or tie and suit. However, if you have to show your passport for an employment visa, or to show it to your new employer to be a part of your documentation upon being employed, you'll be happy that your passport picture is proof of the professional appearance you want to portray!
  • Do wear an outfit with a neckline that is high enough so that it shows in the final photo. "I've seen too many passport photos where the traveler was wearing a tank top or a shirt with a wide v-neck," our model friend tells us, "and when it's cropped and printed onto the passport book, it looks like she's naked!" This isn't an official requirement however it could be a way to avoid embarrassing moments in the air!
  • Do consider wearing a different color than white or black. Your picture will have an unadorned white background, therefore a shirt with color will aid in ensuring that your photos don't appear dirty. Do you have a color that you get compliments on every time you wear it? Wear it in your passport photo!

Makeup - Put Your Best Face Forward!

Sad, but true: Retouching photos isn't permitted in passport photographs. You're not permitted to PhotoShop to remove your imperfections as well as dark circles. What is permitted? Makeup!

The makeup you put on can make the difference between a poor image and a stunning one. Make sure that your makeup appears less somber in photographs as opposed to in the mirror Don't be afraid to apply a more typical foundation coat, and lots of powder to maintain the shine. (Another suggestion for a model: if your face appears glossy, an old brown napkin can be a great blotting paper. Make sure to grab a few more napkins while you're in the cafe!) Highlighting and contouring your face using light and dark makeup is an established practice within the modeling world There are a lot of excellent tutorials on YouTube for those who want to try it.

And what about guys? Nobody will ever know the difference between putting a dab of concealer for your under-eye circles, or maybe a touch of shadow or translucent to improve your skin's color. This is what famous actors do before stepping in front of cameras!

Hairdos and Hair Don'ts

If you choose to visit the salon first for a haircut, here are some ideas for how to make your hair look good to look professional for your passport photo. Be sure that your hair doesn't cover your eyebrows or eyes. Your entire face must be apparent.

If you have hair that is long We suggest that you put it behind your shoulders to ensure that your shirt can be seen. If your hair is covering the entirety of your clothes, that's another reason you could appear naked in the photos!

Do not wear a headband that is too large big hair bows, hair bows, or scarfs that cover your hair. These are considered "headgear" and could get your photo disqualified! Small hair holders for ponytails, pins with bobby clips, and tiny barrettes are good enough.

Strike a Pose

Make sure you take a few minutes to practice your poses before heading toward the photographer. Your passport picture should be straight and clear with a neutral face However, it doesn't mean you need to look grumpy. Make sure you sit straight and then roll your shoulders back in order to lengthen the neck. While you aren't able to smile wide or display your teeth, however, you can be Tyra Banks or "smize" - smile with your eyes! Many people are also concerned about appearing to have a double chin when taking photographs, which is often the case when you tilt your chin down. Do not be enticed to lift your chin to fix this issue as this could reveal more of the space under your jaw, which can make it appear bigger. Instead, move your chin outwards by around an inch like an animal poking your head out of the shell. It may feel uncomfortable and strange, but it will help your jawline appear more solid in the photograph.